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International School of Holography


Hologram by August Muth

Our Story

Founded by Linda Law, The International School of Holography is an outgrowth of the courses she has been teaching online since 2013. A new generation of artists are seeking to create with this extraordinary medium - we offer courses that build upon the existing technology while exploring the evolving forms of Holography and supporting technologies. Join us for the opportunity to create with the ever-expanding dimensional tools of Holography.

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What We Offer

Our introductory course "Understanding Holograms" (taught by Linda Law) is designed to introduce you to the spectrum of possibilities for creating holographic images. From there you can choose from a range of courses that will instruct you in the foundational practices of the type of hologram you wish to create. 

Hologram by Ken Dunkley

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Understanding Holograms
Course begins  2/19/2024

Instructor - Linda Law

A six week, one 3 hour session per week course offered online several times per year. This foundational course will give you the knowledge to go on and make choices about the type of holograms you wish to make.

Fee: $400

Computer Generated Holograms
Course begins 3/19/2024

Instructor - Jacques Desbiens

This 6 week course is one 3 hour online class per week. This class will give you the foundational information to begin to create CG Holograms. Students will need basic skills in 3D animation and Jacques will be working with Blender to create 3D content although other 3D animation software may be used.

Fee: $400

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Creating Optical Holograms
Course begins 5/2/2024

Instructor - Melissa Crenshaw

This 6-session course is prerecorded in six sessions which will be released at one-week intervals over a period of 6 weeks. A live "meet and greet" session on Zoom will be for all students providing an opportunity to meet your fellow students.  Material will become available online on the day of each class at 

Fee: $400


Art Through the Looking Glass

This course is being taught this January as a 3 day intensive on January, 12, 13, 14th 2024

Instructor - Jake Adams

This 3 day course, one 3 hour session per day course will be offered taught by instructor Jake Adams. The course requires you to own a Looking Glass Factory portrait display and to have some basic skills with 3D software.

Fee: $275

Hologram by Rudie Berkhout

Hologram by Melissa Crenshaw

Hologram by Jacques Desbiens

Looking Glass Hologram by Jake Adams



Learn How to create holograms with us

The International School of Holography offers online courses in  Holography to students all over the world. Course instructors are leading holographic artists each with their own fields of specialty. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn with the best instructors in the field and begin your own carear making holograms.


Hologram by Paula Dawson

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

The evolving dimensional medium of Holography is at a new phase of development as we build on the existing optical holography technology and move forward into moving, full-color, immersive Light Field Displays. Join us to be on the cutting edge of new developments as this medium enters a new era.

Courses at The International School of Holography are being taught by artists with long histories in this medium and represent some of the leading artists in this field.


Christine Remy, Santa Fe

I can’t recommend highly enough the course Understanding Holograms, taught by Linda Law.
Linda is able to break down and articulate in an understandable way the most complex and advanced technological ideas and innovations. She is aware of the next evolution of the holographic process and intelligently explains processes and capabilities of each new direction in this field. Linda also presents new breakthroughs in areas of virtual reality, 360 photography, cameras, etc. in a thorough and easy to follow curriculum.
Taking a class from Linda immediately puts you in the forefront of what is happening in the art and science area of breakthrough technologies. Linda presents these new innovations in a way
that is comprehensive, fun and intelligent. From there she encourages all of us to make our own breakthroughs and follow through with whatever catches our interest. A must for artists, computer and video artists and anyone interested in what is presently coming down the
technological pike!

Christine Remy

Beverly Peterson, NY

”Great opportunity to learn about the history of holograms from someone with extensive first hand experience. Her course and guests have  inspired me to continue on and try it out for myself. Highly recommend.”
Beverly Peterson

Sabina Suru - Romania

I am a multimedia artist from Romania. I discovered holography unexpectedly a few years ago, when reading about the beginning of colour photography (ironic, isn't it?). Since then I've struggled to learn how to work with this incredible technology. I've even had the chance to collaborate with a passionate scientist in this endeavour. But none of my try-outs have helped me crystallise the history, practice and implications of holography as artistic medium as much as Linda's 'Understanding holograms' course! Everything just naturally and logically came together. I loved her openness to the possibilities of this medium, beyond it's technical boundaries. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in what holography is about, all the way to those who know about it, have tried it but need guidance in how far holography can go (and, after attending the course, I realised that we are far from knowing how far it can actually reach as art medium!).
Sabina Suru

Ronald Rawitt - New York

Linda' Law's course, "Understanding Holograms," was a fascinating overview of the history of holograms given by someone with extensive knowledge and experience in the art and science of holography.  Bringing together artists and scientists currently working in the field, and class participants from all over the world, the course was a great way to start a journey into holograms.

Ron Rawitt

Ziwen - Beijing

The class is quite valuable for someone with huge interest like me to step into the realm of holograms. Linda has profound knowledge not only in various techniques, but the history of hologram developments. As an online class, it’s a great opportunity to get to know other talented students with different backgrounds from various parts of the world. It’s a great class I feel lucky to participate!

Looking forwards to the two new classes in the near future! 


Katherine Hoskins, 

"Understanding Holograms" is a fascinating and unique course. Clear, comprehensive, and insightful, Linda Law brings extensive experience in the  field of holography to her teaching. I would recommend this highly engaging class to anyone who is interested in the history, technology, applications, and future of holography.
Katherine Hoskins
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