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Understanding Holograms
From Lasers to Light Fields

This course is offered 2 -3 times per year and new material is frequently added to keep the course current. I also invite special guests to join us for specific sessions. 

You will find much supporting material on the Ruzuku site (when you register) where you will also find recordings of the class sessions shortly after they occur. 


Course Curriculum


Session 1  Holograms

                 Lasers, Optics and Vibration Isolation Tables    

                 Fine Art Laser Transmission Holograms

                 Fine Art Reflection Holograms

                 Fine Art Rainbow Holograms

                 Guest Speaker: Melissa Crenshaw

Session 2: Part 1: Holographic Art,

                  Part 2: Pepper’s Ghost and why you have been deceived into thinking these are holograms

   Part 1:    Fine Art Holographic Stereograms

                 Fine Art Pulsed Holograms


   Part 2:   Pepper's Ghost - What is Pepper's Ghost?   

                 History of Pepper's Ghost

                 Updated Pepper's Ghost

                 Understanding Depth Perception

                 Pepper's Ghost in Entertainment

                 Pepper's Ghost in Advertising

                 Pepper's Ghost in Politics

                 Pepper's Ghost in Fashion

                 Telepresence in Pepper's Ghost


                 Creating your own Pepper's Ghost

Session 3 Lenticular Imaging, Lenticular Stereo Displays - 3D TV, 3D Projection Mapping.

                 Stereo Vision and 3D movies with glasses

                 Early Stereo viewers

                 Free Viewing Stereo Images

                 Anaglyph Stereo

                 Polarizing Glasses

                 Active Shuttered Glasses

                 Interference Filters

                 Parallax Barrier Images - Stereo 3D without glasses

                 Lenticular Lens Images - Stereo 3D without glasses

                 Artists working with Lenticulars - Morphing and 2D Animation

                 Artists working with Lenticulars - 3D

                 Links to Web pages for artists working with lenticulars

                 Parallax Barrier vs Lenticular Lens

                 Lenticulars and Parallax Barrier Images vs Holograms

                 3D Projection Mapping

                 History of Projection Mapping

                 Creative Examples of how Projection Mapping is being used

Session 4: Volumetric Imaging, Volumetric Data Capture, 360 Stereo Photography, Photogrammetry,                                               LIDAR, VR/AR/XR


                 Camera Arrays for Creating Dimensional Images

                 360 Cameras - Some issues to consider

                 360 Cameras

                 Volumetric Imaging

                 Examples of Volumetric Capture


                  Volumetric vs VR vs Holographic​​

                 Volumetric Displays

                 Volumetric Data Capture



                 360 Stereo photography and video


Session 5: Computer-Generated Holograms

                 Guest speaker - Jacques Desbiens

                 Links to companies making Digital Holograms

                 Links to Holographic artists making digital Holograms

Session 6: Light Field Displays.  


                 Understanding Light Fields,

                 The Plenoptic Camera,

                 Light Field Displays

                 Where are we now?​​

                 The types of displays currently available

                 Where are we going?

                 Displays for the future - but not far away

                 Guest speaker: 

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