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Linda Law

Linda Law is a Digital / Holographic artist with a long history in Holography. She is the Executive Director of the HoloCenter, the Founder of the Virtual Museum of Holography, and The International School of Holography. She was the curator of the Museum of Holography in the 1980's, worked in holographic research at NY Institute of Technology, (where she had early entry into 3D animation and advanced Computer Graphics), worked as a teaching artist making holograms with hundreds of grades 4-12 students as well as adults, created 3D animations for a pioneering digital hologram company, Simian Technologies Inc. in the early 1990's and has been teaching online classes about "Understanding Holograms" for the past 10 years.

Her personal artwork is focused on creating art that is deeply connected with Nature through 2D and 3D  images that explore the interconnectedness of all life. She believes that Holography is a unique medium that has an original capacity to do just that.

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