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M Crenshaw Portrait.jpeg

Melissa Crenshaw

Melissa Crenshaw has been creating optical holograms for over 40 years. Her career spans fine art, teaching,  design,  industry, and curating several exhibitions. Most of her art hologram series were created using a minimal number of optics utilized in the so-called, direct recording method she will be teaching in this course. Her early works, in the early 1980’s  explored abstract images when many artists were creating holograms of objects or scenes. Melissa has had the opportunity to create a large body of work over the years but she still feels that there is still much unexplored creative potential within the Art of Holography.

Her work in teaching and in the Lighting Industry, provided her with experience in setting up streamlined, inexpensive teaching systems as well as complicated, expensive, high-end systems for conducting research. She strongly believes that it’s not the equipment that makes great images, it’s the practitioner. Holography is a focused, methodical craft and richly rewarding to those who chose to explore it!

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