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Art Through the Looking Glass

Instructor: Jake Adams


January  2024

When and Where

“Art Through the Looking Glass" -  is a 3-day intensive online course beginning Friday, January 12th, 2024. This 3-session course (3 hours per session on ZOOM) will be held at Noon EDT to enable students from most parts of the world to be able to attend. Sessions will also be recorded and available shortly after the session ends for those who can’t join at that time slot. Additional material will become available online on the day of each class at You will also be able to network with each other on Ruzuku where further questions can be asked.


Course Fee

The course fee is $275.  

Classes begin on Friday, January 12th 2024

What you will learn


Have you ever wanted your artwork to come to life in 3D? Now it can. This 3-session, one 3-hour session per day course will be offered this January with artist and instructor Jake Adams. Through the lens of Sfumato (the technique of using various degrees of detail in pursuit of mimicking the way our eyes perceive depth), these sessions will bridge a Renaissance age tradition with new-age technology and interaction. Using 3D software and the Unity game engine, students can expect to advance their skills in interactive art while learning the technical aspects of creating for the Looking Glass portrait display.


The course requires you to own a Looking Glass Factory portrait display and to have some basic skills with 3D software, the instructor will recommend online tutorials before the start of the course if you do not have these skills in place. Required software: (Unity Game Engine (free), 3D creative software). Recommended 3D creative software: (Autodesk Maya, Blender(free), Adobe Substance Painter, or similar alternative).

For the full curriculum click here!

Course Instructor - Jake Adams
Lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology and creator of the first digital “holographic” comic (holo-comic). Interactive visual artist and founder of Valholo a VR and digital holographic studio. Jake Adams holds an MS in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh and a BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Emanating from a fine arts background, his visual skills coupled with programming and asset production have allowed him to become a versatile artist and educator. His studio creates holographic content for the Looking Glass Factory and 3D/2D assets for Sandbox (SAND) on the Polygon network. Jake Adams specializes in mixed media arts, Asset production, and interactive narrative with a focus on making the intangible more tangible. 
Jake Adam's work is defined by a sublime psychological narrative that interpolates the tangibility and intangibility of spatial-temporal decisions while utilizing social systems as a catalyst toward the fluctuation of emotional extra-
diegetic space.


Learning Outcomes
This course will provide a technical understanding and implementation of key creator
tools for the Looking Glass display. Course outcomes include a core understanding
of the Looking Glass display, new skills that leverage the Unity Game Engine to
create interactive artworks, and how techniques of the Renaissance can be applied
to your creations to increase depth and clarity on the Looking Glass display. By the
end of this course, students will have a functioning Looking Glass display app or
interactive artwork for their portfolio.
The work that you make in this course for your portfolio will diversify your form of
expression, highlight your versatility,  and show off your ability to adapt to new
As a result, the course is appropriate for a range of individuals. These include but
are not limited to artists, 2D or 3D creators/animators, illustrators, XR
designers/developers, creative directors, game designers, futurists, architects,
hobbyists and more.

If you have any questions please contact Jake Adams at

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