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Creating Optical Holograms

Instructor: Melissa Crenshaw

protractor hologram.jpeg

May  2024

When and Where


​ "Creating Optical Holograms" is an online course beginning May 2nd, 2024. This 6-session course is prerecorded in six sessions which will be released at one-week intervals over a period of 6 weeks. A live "meet and greet" session on Zoom will be for all students providing an opportunity to meet your fellow students.  Material will become available online on the day of each class at You will also be able to network with each other through the Lesson Discussion Forum on Ruzuku and further questions can be asked via email to the instructor. 


Course Fee

The course fee is $400.  

The classes will begin on May 2nd, 2024. Registration begins March 23rd, 2024

Course Description​

Optical holograms are 3-dimensional images, permanently recorded with laser light into light-sensitive film.  The 3-dimensional image is illuminated with a point source white light, as you find in track lighting. Optical holograms do not require and are not dependent on a screen, any screen-type device, or headsets or glasses.

Students will come away understanding the art and science of optical holography, the equipment required, and the visual effects inherent in the medium. Students will be introduced to the history of the practice which spans art, technology, and industry, as well as the current state of the art.

In addition to recording 3D images, the course will describe image creation options (special effects) that are unique to this medium. Examples of creative holograms will be presented.  Several hologram recording techniques will be described.  Most of the techniques we will cover are analog-based but we will also cover hybrid techniques where movie film, video and/or computer-generated digital imagery is incorporated into optical holograms.

Students will also be introduced to a “direct, One-Beam/Single Beam Reflection” recording technique that you can learn and execute using entry-level equipment in most environments.

This course is being taught online without a studio component. Important, fundamental information is presented about the technology and art of holography providing a solid ground of understanding within this imaging technology and craft. The information presented is essential for those wanting to understand holography or create holograms now or in the future.

No previous experience in either science or art is required.

We hope you will join Melissa in a unique learning experience with one of the world's leading holographic artists. We also welcome you to the community of Holographic artists who are engaged in creating dimensional art by shaping and painting with Light.

Who should take this course?
The information will be of value to anyone interested in creating or understanding holograms. Designers,
Artists, Educators and people interested in science will find this course valuable. There will be an
emphasis on the creative aspect of the medium preparing them to create fine art holograms or to further explore the technology of holography.

​Full curriculum


Please check out the full course curriculum


If you have any questions please contact Melissa Crenshaw at: 

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