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Introduction to Creating Optical Holograms

Instructor: Melissa Crenshaw

Early Bird Discount Registration
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Full Registration begins in December

Fall  2023

When and Where


​ "Introduction to Creating Optical Holograms" is an online course beginning November 18, 2023. This 6-session course (3 hours per session on ZOOM) will be held at Noon EDT to enable students from most parts of the world to be able to attend. Sessions will also be recorded and available shortly after the session ends for those who can’t join at that time slot. Additional material will become available online on the day of each class at You will also be able to network with each other on Ruzuku where further questions can be asked.


Course Fee

The course fee is $400 although there is a $50 discount for those of you signing up with our Early Bird registration.  

The classes will begin on November 18, 2023. Registration begins October 7th with an Early Bird discount of $50. Full registration fee begins on October 21st.

What you will learn

Optical holograms are permanently recorded 3-dimensional images, created with laser light. These fully 3-dimensional images can then be viewed by illuminating them with a white light, such as those used in track lighting systems.

The focus of this course will be on creating Optical Holograms with a simple yet elegant technique using entry-level equipment that will function in most environments. You will come away understanding the art and science of creating holograms, what is involved in making introductory-level holograms, and the equipment required. 

You will be introduced to the history of Holography which spans Art, Science, and Technology, as well as establishing a foundation for further creative exploration of the medium. No previous experience in either science or art is required. The course will also describe the image creation options that are completely unique to this medium and will be illustrated with examples of many creative holograms by various artists. 

Although this course is being taught online without an “in-person” studio component, important and fundamental information will be presented in discussions and explanations about the technology. Information presented in this course will provide you with a solid base from which you can proceed forward into more complex forms of Holographic Imaging.


For those of you who wish to jump right in immediately and purchase equipment and materials at the beginning, Melissa will be available to troubleshoot with you as you experiment during the course.

We hope that you will join Melissa in a unique learning experience with one of the world's leading holographic artists. We also welcome you to the community of Holographic artists who are engaged in the process of creating dimensional art by shaping and painting with Light.

Course Instructor

The instructor for this course is Melissa Crenshaw.

Who should take this course?
Anyone who desires to begin to make their own holograms. No prior knowledge is required. This course is designed as a place to begin your creative process with this amazing medium. It will get you started with easy-to-use techniques that will help you to learn the many properties of holograms and the creative possibilities that Holography uniquely offers.

Full curriculum


Please check out the full course curriculum


If you have any questions please contact Melissa Crenshaw at: 

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