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Introduction to Creating Optical Holograms

Instructor: Melissa Crenshaw

Course Curriculum

Outline for Course starting Feb. 15,  2024       

MM Crenshaw


Introduction to Creating Optical Holograms:

Creating Optical Holograms, the options and possibilities.


SESSION  1  Part 1 
Introduction to this course, Overview,

What is Optical Holography and what are real Optical Holograms?

What is not an Optical hologram!

Brief History and Culture overview of Holography

The Culture 

Creating an optical hologram 

The technical language used to describe Holography.

Examples of Art Holograms


SESSION 1 Part 2 

Overview of Hologram equipment, recording Studios and labs, color.

Equipment Overview 


Pseudo-color, real color, spectral color

Bragg planes and gratings and how they function in color control.


SESSION  2  Part 1

Creating  Optical Holograms:  Breaking down the equipment requirements.

The correct Laser

Optics & components

The need for stabilizing accessories, weight and gravity & why.

Recording Materials: Silver halide, Photo Polymer, Dichromate Gel, Photo Resist , Pros and cons.

The film/plate holder: ease of use in the dark, stability requirement, edge diffraction issues

Publications (advice and cautions)


SESSION 2 Part 2

The diverse types of Optical Holograms


Laser Transmission Holograms  

Master H1 and Transfer H2 Holograms 

Split Beam Reflection hologram

Single Beam Reflection

Single  Beam Transmission

Diffraction gratings and their use as color field holograms.

Hybrid Holography

Synthetic (CGH) Digital input, analog systems for the hard copy


SESSION 3  Part 1  

Optical Holograms Deeper Dive, fundamental skills

Deeper Dive, Creative/technical options possible with the Single Beam and multiple Beam set up.

Pseudoscopic Images

Using stencils

Multiple image planes or layers seeming to occupy the same space.

Multiple exposures

Sandwiching plates together.


SESSION 3 Part 2
Deeper dive continued

Mixed media considerations

Multi-channel Masters:  Possible only with the H1 to H2 process

Content: Examples of Subjects/objects/scenes

Setting up a  playback/reconstruction light for illuminating and evaluating your holograms.


SESSION 4  Part 1

Setting up to record direct, single beam, Reflection and transmission Holograms.

How a single beam hologram is created.

Off-the-shelf kits.

Diagrams and photos of different SBR systems you can set up.

The Sand Isolation Table:


SESSION 4 Part 2

Considering your options and how to decide on what system to set up, designing your scene/object.

Fundamental skills for creating all Optical Holograms.

Designing an object or scene for an SBR Hologram


SESSION 5  Part 1 
Step by step

Review:  setting up your own system to make SB holograms.

Step-by-step process.



SESSION 5 Part 2 

Preserving  Holograms.

Preserving your finished holograms.


SESSION 6 Part 1

Exhibition space considerations.


SESSION 6 Part 2


Where to go from here: Labs, Resources

Open Q&A


Email Melissa any questions for the next two months.


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